Welcome to HerbalScience

HerbalScience’s success is the result of a 10 year intensive and focused Research & Development effort. HerbalScience was the first to apply the new Medical Sciences of functional Genomics and Metabolomics to discover, identify and confirm the suites of nutrients contained in selected food botanicals that are responsible for delivering human health benefits. It has been known for centuries that some food botanicals deliver significant human health benefits. But, how these food botanicals work in the human body to deliver their health benefits and which nutrients in these food botanicals are responsible for delivering specific human health benefits have remained major unsolved mysteries. Modern medical science evidence that produced clarity on these important issues was needed before Botanical Medicines could be taken seriously by regulators and Medical Science. HerbalScience is first to develop the cutting edge technologies that bring the needed Medical Science clarity to these centuries’ old mysteries.

HerbalScience utilizes proprietary high throughput screening techniques in combination with industry leading Databases and Software Programs to manage the entire process of transforming Organic Whole Foods into safe and effective Botanical Medicines. Botanical Medicines that are the first to be Medical Science verified to be contaminate free and drug interaction safe. Safe health solutions that deliver cGMP 21 CFR Section 211 dose consistent solutions for many major human health conditions.

The Power of Nature can now be safely, reliably and confidently employed as documented medicines to improve human health. We encourage you to contact us to discuss exclusive licensing opportunities.